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posted August 25

My new website is up. It took me a while, but it’s up!

see you all there.




posted August 02

I made a new website! It’s 20% done at the moment, ugh. SO much work to be done. BUT IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME. Should be up by MAX end of August. I want to make sure it’s perfect before then. I’m putting everything from SC on there plus some new goodies!

Everything will be nice and brand new.
Keep up with me on instagram and facebook as I will be updating everyone on the site there.

Keep in touch xoxo



posted June 20

If it weren’t for the REMEMBER PASSWORD button I wouldn’t have been able to get on here :|

ANYWAYS! Yes the site kind of died, and so did I. But I only theoretically died, not really really died. Fear not! I am making a new website with ALL my resources, plus NEW ONES. And a better template/layout.

Please keep up with me on instagram/facebook to find out when it’s up! I anticipate end of June.

@jessicakobeissi for everything (instagram) except twitter. Facebook you can find me /jessicakphoto and if you’re really smart you can figure out my personal one hahaha.

Talk soon and I’m going to make this new site 1000000x better and more professional/cool :) CANNOT WAIT TO BLOG AGAIN OMGGGGG I HAVENT WRITTEN A BLOG IN LIKE 3 YEARS BYE :| cannot contain myself


New Site

posted January 11

I’m working on my new website. It should be up next month. I will explain everything then and provide a link.