Casper Wyoming

In a small town like Casper, Wyoming, you would believe there isn’t a lot to do there, but you’re wrong. Casper holds events and attractions that bring tourists back and keep locals in this great town. Casper holds yearly events, and great attractions such as museums, planetariums, and parks, while stabilizing a great atmosphere of a small town in the gorgeous setting of Wyoming. Casper holds many attractions tourists love and for anyone looking forward to a trip there, I’ll tell you the spots the locals love and the events that keep people coming year after year.

Crimson Dawn & Park Museum1.) Crimson Dawn & Park Museum – Mythical creatures, elves, witches and anything in your dreams can be seen at Crimson Museum. Crimson is a staple to the tourists visiting every year to Casper. Great for kids and adults of all ages to explore a unique museum found only in Casper. Located on E Crimson Dawn Road in the heart of town it makes the perfect spot for tourists to check out while staying in Casper.

Casper Planetarium2.) Casper Planetarium – Experience the night sky anytime of ay at Casper Planetarium. Located on North Poplar, this state of the art facility holds one of the prized gems of Casper’s attractions. Featuring workshops and programs geared toward anyone wanting to get a brief look at outer space, Casper Planetarium is perfect for anyone wanting to examine and check out the night sky.


Hogaden Ski Area3.) Hogaden Ski Area – For anyone visiting during the winter and ready to hit the slopes, Hogaden is the place to be. Located just outside the town of Casper on Casper Mtn Rd holds the grounds of the ski area. Perfect for any age and personality, skiing in Casper is a thing to do in the winter. Lift tickets starting at $20 for children, $30 for teens and $35 for adults, check out the skiing and have a blast on the slopes.

Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo4.) Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo – If you happen to be headed to Casper during mid July, be sure to check out a annual event known to locals and tourists who visit every year. The fair has evolved to be one of the biggest events in the state of Wyoming featuring live music, carnival rides, games, and great food. In the nine days it’s held here every summer, you’ll never get bored from the endless things to do while in town. Coming in at $4 a ticket for adult and kids for free, you’ll be sure to have a blast when you enjoy the Central Wyoming Fair.

Downtown Casper5.) Downtown Casper – if events aren’t setting well with you, you can always enjoy the gorgeous streets of downtown Casper. Historic downtown Casper has never lost touch of it’s roots and feels exactly like it did 100 years ago. Loved by locals and tourists for shopping and dining, Downtown Casper is perfect for a night on the town or to take a day to enjoy the real town of Casper. Shopping, dining and entertainment can all be found in downtown Casper for you or your family to enjoy.