Cheyenne, Wyoming – Autumn-style wind and rain hit the capital city early Monday morning while still summertime, as the off and on pounding of precipitation could be heard. This bad weather in Cheyenne produced loud winds, chilly temperatures, and wet conditions, common with autumn. Here’s more about this autumn type of bad weather in Cheyenne. The weather gods decided to avoid the rush on fall and hit the city early with non-summer conditions.

More About Bad Weather in Cheyenne, Wyoming, that Brought Crummy Autumn Conditions

At this time of year, anything is possible in my area, but the past several days have been rather mild, so the sudden onslaught of bad weather in Cheyenne, Wyoming is a bit disheartening. Oftentimes, when it’s gusty outside, there’s a chance that the power will go off temporarily. And at around 11:15 in the morning, it went off for a few seconds, meaning I had to reset my alarm clock, though thankfully, my laptop computer has an internal battery. The skies have been cloudy and the tree that I can see out of my bedroom window has branches and leaves that have been blowing back and forth rapidly.

My mother, Rosie Barnes, is an avid watcher of the weather report on the local news, and during the noon hour she reported to me the weather conditions as being just 41 degrees above Fahrenheit with winds at 21 mph, gusting to 33 mph, but warned that a frost could be coming overnight. According to, the average high is supposed to be 68 degrees today with a low of 40. Well, the temperature isn’t going to get anywhere near that high number, and with the gusts of wind, it’s going to feel even colder than 40ish degrees. Between one and two in the afternoon, flurries of snow could be seen in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but they died out, at least for the time being.

Running in Bad Weather in Cheyenne, Wyoming: The Worst Is Yet to Come

The way I judge the weather is what it’s like to run in it, given that I run some six miles per day (two 3 mile runs each day usually). The wind was somewhat cool on my face, but since I’m bundled up, it wasn’t that bad, and the sunshine started to break through between two and three in the afternoon. If only this was the worst of bad weather in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but it’s really only the beginning of less than ideal conditions that will be present until sometime in June 2010, if the past is any indication.


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