When you are starting a small business it is important that you meet all of the requirements of the state that your business will be located in. This is particularly important if you will be moving an existing business into a new state. Fortunately once you know what red tape that needs to be completed for your state or your new state, the process will seem much more manageable. Below is information that will be helpful in a new company formation. Also, if you want to start a new small business in the state of Maine or if you want to relocate a small business to the state of Maine.

New company formation

The Basics of Starting a Small Business

Like in any other state the best place to start when starting a new business in Maine is to create a business plan. Even if you have an existing small business that you will be relocating to Maine it is a good idea to create an updated business plan that incorporates market information that is relevant to your new location. This update business plan will help you to identify your new competition, expenses and income sources, and it will also help you to qualify for Maine small business stimulus programs, grants and incentives.

Incorporating in Maine

If you plan on incorporating your new Maine business you will need to get in contact with the Maine Secretary of State, Bureau of Corporations, State House Station #101, Augusta, Maine 04333. They will be able to provide you with the state’s incorporation papers. This is also the agency that you will need to contact if you are moving an established business that was incorporated in another state into Maine.

Protecting Your Company

If you have a trademark or a service mark that you want to protect then you will want to contact the Secretary of State’s Office. They will be able to provide you with the forms and the most current instructions for registering trademarks and service marks.

Registering and Licensing Your Business in Maine

The final pieces of red tape that you will need to sort out when starting a small business in Maine will related to registering obtaining licenses and registering your “doing business as” name. To start with you will want to contact the state licensing board to determine what city and state licenses you will need to do business in this state. For example, if you are a professional like a CPA or an attorney you will need to make sure your license from another state is transferable to Maine or you will need to make arrangements to gain a Maine license. You will also need to determine which business licenses are required for your type of business by city and state governments. Finally you will need to register your “doing business as” name with the city where your business will be located.