Green River Wyoming

Dear reader:

I love Interstate 80! If you have never been in Wyoming, now is the time to schedule a trip. As the signs read across the state, it is truly “Forever West”.

One of the easiest routes this writer has found, enabling you to traverse the state with driving amenities along the way is Interstate 80. From east at Cheyenne, to west at Evanston the trip crosses the Continental Divide, cuts through small western towns, passes wild horse viewing areas, borders the original Transcontinental Railroad, and exposes the beauty of the desert.

Why Wyoming you ask?

Before your excursion begins, it is overwhelming to realize that the whole state of Wyoming has a population of only 500,000. Not millions. Thousands.

As you drive across Wyoming, you begin to feel like you are part of one of those old western movies starring John Wayne! The rocky outcrops and mountainous vistas are just gorgeous, making it easy to visualize wagon trains crossing the Continental Divide! Be careful as you drive as most of the state has “Open Range” postings, allowing cattle to roam free across roadways. Antelope always roam free, and as you look to the horizon, you just might see herds of sheep being “rounded up” by riders on horseback! (Yep, there are still real cowboys!)

The drive across Wyoming can be a day trip, or can take the casual vacationer a week. Lodging along the way in Cheyenne, Rock Springs, Green River, Little America and Evanston is readily available with major hotel chains, or with quaint family owned western inns. Across the state just off Interstate 80, (did I mention I love this highway??) there are many museums documenting the struggles of the Transcontinental Railroad crews, museums housing dinosaur relic displays and memorials dedicated to the coal mining history, life-blood of the state.

Outside of Green River, Wyoming (just off of Interstate 80) are the Flaming Gorge Reservoir and Recreational Areas. There are a number of roads around the Gorge, but Hwy. 191 South is this writer’s favorite. The roadway borders the Gorge giving a magnificent view of the red rocky outcroppings that give the Gorge its name. Numerous recreational areas for boating, fishing and camping are available throughout the Reservoir, but remember to take snacks along for the drive, as there are no restaurants on the route.

Throughout Wyoming tourist areas such as Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and Wind River Reservation have access roads off from Interstate 80, making this highway the best route to take to begin your visit to all of the state. Interstate 80 will get you across Wyoming to Salt Lake City, Utah on the west with ease. Driving east will take you to Nebraska, the Dakotas, Iowa, Illinois etc.

Take the time to do a little research on the Internet, as well as with an Atlas. A trip across Wyoming is a great vacation for a family. Children will be amazed with the antelope roaming free along the roadway, and the wild horse viewing areas will be unforgettable for all. (Don’t forget the cowboys!) Plan your trip soon, Interstate 80 makes it easy, and the memories will last a lifetime.